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Alderley Edge

Wednesday 12th December 2018 Alderley Edge



Todays 4 mile walk for 17 members led by Eddie Dawson was in the Alderley Edge area, otherwise known as the land 

of  "Amazing Properties"!

From the start point in Finlow Hill Lane we walked fields and lanes and down the slippery cobbles of Bradford Lane

which, despite its age is in a better condition than many of our roads.

Following a drinks break we moved up through woodland to arrive at "The Edge", which is managed by the National Trust,

to take in the hazy view over the valley below, on this chilly but dry day.

Workmen below us looked as though they were doing restoration work on the hillside, at this very popular site.

We passed another property where a tall, old tree outside its gates had been covered with lights around its trunk

and outspread branches, to create what would be a lovely after dark sight when lit.

We continued across the road at the end of the lane to return to the cars via Finlow Hill Lane, to end a very 

enjoyable walk.


Gillian Gibbons


5th December 2018 Wednesdays Walk

Well, it rained a lot, and driving conditions to reach the start point in Hartington were quite poor, due to the rain, low cloud and mist.

However, 9 members made it and led by Tony Brereton we walked through this beautiful countryside for 5 miles.

We had a drinks break at the site of the 11th century motte and bailey settlement of Pilsbury castle, it apparently, defended the valley at the site

of a major crossing point of the River Dove, until it was abandoned at the end of the 12th century.

We followed trail paths and across fields and, toward the end, a wooded area. Walking, either, up or down the hills was very tricky due the 

slippery mud and constant rain.

Returning to the cars in the village we came down a field by the site of the old cheese factory, which has now been demolished  and is

the site for new housing.

Despite the conditions there was plenty of chat  and laughs along the way.


Gillian Gibbons


You  will probably have noticed that the layout of our new website seems to be constantly changing !!

This is because Roger and I are busy beavering away beneath the "hood" in an attempt to bring the information 

from the old site into the new in a state which integrates as seemlessly as possible.

Our latest work has been to do with our walks photos which we have been saving for some time

They are now available under the "Photos---Club Walks" menu

We will keep you informed about future improvements 

        tinyfootAdmin2  ( Eric )


29th November 2018: Biddulph to Hanley linear walk


An unusual 7 mile walk for 8 of us today. Led by Eric Barker, a linear route from Biddulph to Hanley. We kept to the Biddulph Valley Way, with the wind blowing strongly in our faces, passing through Knypersley and Brindley Ford. We crossed the bridge adjacent to the Chatterley Whitfield site which seemed high above the road where we joined cycle route 55.

Half way along the Whitfield Valley we were hit by a deluge of stinging rain and huge gusts of wind, and we were soaked. The only good thing was it was quite mild which kept the chill at bay.

We stopped at Ford Green Hall and after having passed the nature reserve, we then crossed over the road to continue on path 55.

Thankfully the sun appeared to help us dry out, and it was about now that we left the path just below Birches Head Academy and walked along the Birches Head Road to Far Green. Here some of us caught a bus back to Biddulph and others continued the short distance to Hanley.

Pleased to have done this walk but we could have done without the downpour.

Gillian Gibbons


28th November 2018: Pub walk Travellers Rest Scholar Green


It was, thankfully, a much milder and drier day than the previous day.

Todays walk for 27 members led by Frank Simpson was just over 4 miles which was followed by lunch at the Travellers Rest. The majority of the walk, after leaving the A34, was over fields which were very slippy and muddy in parts with a few ricketty stiles to contend with.

Back in time before the expected rain swept in at 1pm for an enjoyable lunch and conversation with other members and friends.


Gillian Gibbons


21st November 2018: Arclid


21 members met at Arclid today for a 6 mile walk led by Eric Barker. It was a very chilly day as we started out and the route took us mainly over fields and past farms. Leaving the fields we came into a lane beside the St. Oswalds church in Brereton, we then headed toward Brereton Heath Nature Reserve where lunch was taken.

We did`nt linger long as a strong wind was whipping across the water toward us. Following lunch we walked back through the woodland area to return to field walking and, past some beautifully restored barns, which are now residences. 

We had a shower of rain toward the end as we returned to the cars off Davenport Lane, and it was still very cold but as always very enjoyable.


Gillian Gibbons



14th November 2018: Rudyard Station


23 members met today at Rudyard Station for a walk of just over 4 miles around the Horton area, led by Eddie Dawson.

A mild day added to the lovely surroundings and extensive views from the fields we passed through. Following a short climb 

to Horton Church a welcome drinks break was taken.

Later after walking alongside the farm and Horton school we crossed the road which then took us high over the valley and along

a tricky path, before going down to the edge of Rudyard Lake.

We notice that there is ongoing work to extend the cafe which overlooks the lake.

From this point we returned to the cars walking the railway track.


Gillian Gibbons

1st November 2018 Thorpe

The 6 mile walk on Thursday 1st November, led by Tony Brereton for 14 members, was in the Thorpe area of the Peak District. The drive to the start was just as enjoyable, looking at the autumn colours in the countryside.

The first part of the walk was mainly over fields surrounded by beautiful views. From there via Callow Top Holiday Park, we moved onto the Tissington Trail, which was busy with many families enjoying the lovely day by cycling along the Trail.

Lunch was taken on the Trail after we had checked out the amazingly built tunnel with sound effects.

Following lunch we returned to the cars meeting up with 2 wonderfully friendly and affectionate Leonberger dogs the size of Shetland Ponies.

With the sun low in the sky it was a tricky return drive but it had all been very pleasant.

Gillian Gibbons

7th November 2018 Chrome & Parkhouse

The forecast for todays 7 mile walk, led by Geoff Millington was,nt too friendly but 7 members met in Earl Sterndale for the start. The plan was to take in the hills of Chrome and Parkhouse but based on the conditions and our safety Geoff modified the walk to 5.75 miles.

We had heavy showers with hailstones and quite strong winds at times, followed by a rainbow and slightly drier conditions. Short drinks and lunch breaks were taken in between showers.

There was some steady steep climbs, one of which was Hollins Hill, which gave us some fantastic views of the area around Chrome and Parkhouse. Following a later climb we moved back down to the village, pretty well soaked. Glad we went though.

Gillian Gibbons

6th October: Criccieth

Photo on the beachCriccieth

21st Dec 18: Annual Theatre Visit

This year's Christmas production at the New Vic is Kenneth Graham's much loved story of adventures on the river bank - The Wind in the Willows, starting at 7:30pm. It is always intriguing to see the brilliant effects which the Vic use in its productions and this year will be a real challenge for them and interesting to see.

Tickets as usual are based on numbers but will be a maximum of £22 depending on numbers of members and friends. They are available from Karen who has a block of reserved seats. If you would like to go please complete the attached form and send it to Karen with your payment. Cheques should  be made out to Mrs K Newsome.

Read more: 21st Dec 18: Annual Theatre Visit

3rd Oct: Wilbraham Arms

Lunch at the Wilbraham Arms Alsager was an added incentive for 36 members today, including friends from Stoke/Newcastle group. The walk of just over 4 1/2 miles was led by Sandra Greaves on a pleasant, cloudy but mild day.

We started taking the trail path just past the the side of the pub into woodland, and later onto open fields containing horses and some very friendly donkeys, keen to see into our rucksacks.

Drinks break was taken on the canalside watching narrow boats navigate the locks.

From here we started our return to the pub via lanes and trail paths watching buzzards flying overhead.

We were now looking forward to lunch, which became a very chatty get together.

47 members are heading to Criccieth this weekend hoping the weather stays on our side!

Gillian Gibbons

Friday, December 14, 2018