The Biddulph Ramblers

Working for Walkers

Local Open-Access Entry/Exit Points

Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Aat 2000 the public has been granted the right to walk freely on approximately 865 hectares of mountain,moor, heath downland and registered common land, without being confined to public paths. These important rights came into force on 31st October 2005.

The information presented on this website has been created  to identify the exact entry and exit points for the areas of land being shown on Ordnance survey maps as "Open Access Areas". By presenting the information in a form which includes field boundaries and other possible impediments to walking, it now becomes easy to plan a complete walk across these areas.

Our information builds upon the details presented by the "Natural England" website found at and covers the areas within Staffordshire which fall within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park

We have divided the areas of land (which lie in the far north of Staffordshire) into two sections, AREA 1 which covers land around Flash and the Roaches, and AREA 2 which includes Dovedale and the Manifold Valley. Positional information for the CONFIRMED access points has been made available to us by the Peak District National Park and ADDITIONAL points are as suggested by the Ramblers. The raw map tiles have been assembled using "Bing Maps".

                                                           Two detailed maps are available: 1 ( North ),       2 ( South )



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